Become Ambassador too

Become Ambassador too


Under the banner of "Nothing beats Groningen 'conduct Province and Municipality of Groningen, Marketing Groningen and several companies and organizations annually joint campaign to promote Groningen. Groningen Promotion focuses on three sectors: tourism, culture and economy. The Commissioner of the King is the administrative president.


With campaigns tourist, cultural and economic fields will Groningen Promotion enhance the image of these sectors. The more tourists come here, the more that is spent in the sector. The more companies establish themselves here, the more likely themselves to do business and cooperate. In short, the stronger the economic structure.

The ambassadors of Groningen

The activities of Groningen Promotion supported by the Ambassadors of Groningen. These are companies that Groningen a warm heart. With contributions from the Ambassadors tourism campaigns Marketing Groningen financed in whole or in part. Also, a portion goes to the economy campaign. It comprises this website, a monthly newsletter, a Twitter account and a Facebook page.

What is the cost of the ambassadorship?

Minimum € 5000, - per year for 3 years.

What does the ambassadorship include?

  • Two network meetings each year at the invitation of the Commissioner of the King
  • If desired communications advice on the use of the mark Nothing beats Groningen
  • Each year, a full-page ad in the Dagblad van het Noorden on the campaign indicating the Ambassadors
  • Mention on this website

How does the ambassador know that the money is well spent?

Marketing Groningen and the Province of Groningen have regularly investigate the tourist numbers. This shows that Groningen is still on the rise.

There is the following "evidence":

In 2008, the tourism media campaign of Marketing Groningen awarded the Effie, the 'Oscar' for the most effective advertising campaign.

Groningen has the best city marketing and regional marketing organization in the Netherlands! Because you're talking also about Citymarketing, "There's nothing Groningen 'comes naturally once discussed. This city marketing professor says Gert-Jan Hospers in his book "Nothing Citymarketing '(2011) that one great hymn on Marketing Groningen. A must for anyone who wants to put a city or region on the map.

Marketing Groningen developed the first, so-called. User-generated campaign. This meant that every Groninger, or fan of Groningen, Groningen could make its own spotlight, upload and distribute it to contribute as itself to the promotion of the province. Not only do many people and organizations in our province participated in Spot Groningen and beyond.

In 2013 the municipality of Groningen received the National City Marketing Trophy. The price is indeed granted to the Municipality of Groningen but is actually Marketing Groningen.

Advisory Groningen Promotion

The advisory contains the following communication experts:

  • Gea Boerma (chair), Province of Groningen
  • Annette Doornbosch, Province of Groningen
  • Hans Poll, Marketing Foundation Groningen
  • Dirk Nijdam, Groninger Forum
  • Ina Bakker, City of Groningen
  • Aize Bouma, Bouma Aize Communications Consulting
  • Karina Smrkovsky, Groninger Museum
  • Frank Schouten, RTV Noord
  • Evert Janse, OOG TV

How to become an ambassador?

Annette Doornbosch
Province of Groningen
Department BJC
PO Box 610
9700 AP Groningen
Tel. 050 3164448