Energy Valley

Energy Valley


Can you produce natural gas from generating biomass energy by storing hydrogen in tiny nanotubes? How much help if cars run on natural gas instead of diesel? And what do we do when the world's oil stocks in 30 years? The answers to many other questions are from Groningen.

Groningen is a leading in-house knowledge on a variety of energy-related topics such as natural gas transportation and infrastructure, underground gas and CO2 storage, the functioning of the international energy and gas markets, the transition and international climate policy and decentralized power.

With Gasunie and NAM, Groningen is one of the largest players in the global energy market. But the whole North is increasingly becoming the hot spot for energy in the Netherlands. There is more space, more wind and above all there is a lot of gas trading and gas infrastructure. And top-quality knowledge and excellent collaboration between public and private parties. Not for nothing that they 'Energy Valley' as the name for the dome of activities in the field of energy and energy research.

Energy Valley is an important initiative. Founded by the Dutch Gasunie NV, City of Groningen and the university of Groningen it is designed to bring market parties and knowledge institutes together. Energy Valley public and private organizations have teamed beaten to let the energy activities in the Northern Netherlands develop into a cluster of national and international significance. The aim is to strengthen the economy and employment of the Northern Netherlands by utilizing the energy activities optimally.

Gasunie and university founded in 2003 the Energy Delta Institute (EDI), that international executive training services in the broad field of gas. Another initiative is the establishment of the Energy Delta Research Centre of the University.

University of Groningen, Hanze University Groningen, the municipality of Groningen, the province of Groningen and Energy Valley founded in 2011 the Energy Academy Europe. The Energy Academy Europe aims to give The Netherlands a leading international position in the field of energy and the transition to sustainability. The Academy is open to all individuals, organizations and companies that want to contribute to improved energy supply and sustainable energy future.

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  • Gasunie is responsible for the management, operation and development of the national transmission grid:
  • GasTerra is an international company trading in natural gas, operates on the European energy market, with the Netherlands as its home market and an important component of the national energy supply. It exports natural gas to six other European countries and in volume the second largest in Europe (after Russia's Gazprom)