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Business Locations

Business Locations


In the city and province of Groningen there is sufficient supply of property: new construction, existing buildings, large and small areas and business parks. The average selling price is usually lower than the average price in the Netherlands.

The Europa Park is currently an important economic driver for the city of Groningen. The area of ​​45 acres consists of four parts. Iconic is the much-discussed Euroborg, with around a large office park and the proposed new railway station Europa Park www.europapark.nl 

More office space in the city of Groningen: http://gemeente.groningen.nl/bedrijventerrein/bedrijventerreinen-kantorenlocaties/ 

All office locations and industrial estates in the province can be found in the annual monitoring of the province of Groningen available at www.provinciegroningen.nl 

Business desk - land and - associations in Groningen: www.ondernemen.groningen.nl and www.terreinwinst.nl 

Inner city Business Association Groningen: www.groningencityclub.nl 

Industrial estates in Appingedam / Delfzijl www.fivelpoort.nl 

Business parks in the Eemsdelta www.groningen-seaports.com 

Business parks in municipalities Veendam and Menterwolde www.oostboog.nl 

Economic fundamentals and business by town www.nvnom.com/