The province of Groningen is one of the provinces with the highest concentration of chemical industry. Not everyone is familiar with the fact that the chemistry in the province of Groningen a major engine of regional and even Dutch economy. Thus, a strong salt-related chemical business cluster is developed in Delfzijl, with enormous stocks of rock salt and natural gas

At the Chemical Park Delfzijl businesses as a chain linked. Substances which remain at one plant, be used again by another factory for the production process. The park is therefore "a range of industry '.

High-tech processes

The common base lies in the extraction of renewable raw materials such as salt and natural gas. These raw materials are upgraded in high-tech processes to chlorine, hydrogen, caustic and green methanol, which in turn form the raw and auxiliary materials for numerous applications in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, paper, coatings, oil, detergents up to and including biofuels.

High quality

Modern factories Akzo Nobel, BioMCN, Delamine, Delesto, Lubrizol and Teijin Aramid as well as the high quality services of SGS and Stork offer a very fascinating world of chemistry and engineering. Control over a thousand highly skilled professionals and support complex processes worth almost three billion euros in a safe manner.

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