It goes well with the information and communication technology in Groningen. A large number of ICT companies are situated here and employ more than 10,000 employees for permanent jobs in this sector

The Zernikeborg is the hub for ICT infrastructure in the northern Netherlands. Zernikeborg be ICT expertise and facilities collected: the computer center of the university, the knowledge center for Internet applications, the High Performance Computing Center, the CAVE (a virtual space for visualization applications) and the Groningen Internet Exchange. A large part of the facilities in the Zernikeborg is also available to businesses. All these activities are attracting new IT companies, with the advantage that highly skilled people with their technological knowledge remain in the region. Groningen put themselves closer to its ambition to become the leading knowledge hub in the Netherlands.

Groningen is also an ideal location for data centers. In data centers, or data hotels' large amounts of computer data may be stored in a guaranteed safe way. In addition, a data hotel ICT companies power, cooling and connectors for their equipment. The province of Groningen is well suited for the establishment of data centers by the presence of an extensive fiber optic network, cheap land and, thanks to the (future) power plants, a wide range of electricity.

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Groningen Internet Valley is a foundation that promotes using partners and government grants internet activity in North Netherlands. Internet Valley supports ambitious entrepreneurs to innovative internet quickly and professionally in the market. Internet Valley this offers a highly advanced technical platform spanning multiple high-quality data centers and also provides technological knowledge: www.griv.nl

LOFAR (Low Frequency Array) is the largest radio telescope in the world. LOFAR consists of 25,000 small antennas. These small antennas are distributed over an area with a diameter of 350 kilometers and linked to a supercomputer via an extensive fiber optic network: www.lofar.nl

The Technology Centre North Netherlands (TCNN) was set up to support entrepreneurs from the northern SMEs ask for all kinds of problems in the technological, business and economic area: www.tcnn.nl