Life Sciences & Health

Life Sciences & Health


Life Sciences & Health is a very fast growing top sector. The importance for economy and society is constantly increasing. The 20th century was the century of physics and ICT. The 21st century already ranks in the life sciences. Life Sciences & Health owes its success to the golden triangle of companies, knowledge institutes and government. After Leiden and Amsterdam, Groningen is the third biotech city in the country. After 20 years of trial and error is the sector in Groningen grown to more than 100 companies, around 2,500 jobs and a turnover of one and a half billion. Biomedical and biotechnological knowledge cluster Groningen fetches its research results to the international press.

What's Life Sciences & Health?

Life Sciences & Health is an innovative and technology-intensive sector focusing on the health of humans and animals. The sector consists of companies and research institutions include medical technology, (bio) pharmaceutical and regenerative medicine.

Developments in the Life Sciences & Health are of great social and economic significance. Health care can be improved by more effective control and prevention of diseases. Food is healthier, safer and less perishable. Production can be more sustainable.


Around the city of Groningen is a large and strong cluster of innovative companies and knowledge institutions. Key parties in the cluster are the University Medical Centre (UMCG), three research institutes of the University and Lifelines. LifeLines is a large scientific research that at least thirty years of health development follows no less than 165,000 people in the three northern provincies:

Healthy Ageing

Companies and organizations in Life Sciences have taken the initiative for an action plan for the simulation of research and product development in the field of healthy living and old (like Lifelines), in the form of a Northern cluster organization called Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN).

The plan is to develop an innovative research network that book will stand as leading the world in the field of healthy living and healthy aging. Because Northern Netherlands has everything in it to be a world leader in this field!

Knowledge Conversion Fund

There are in Groningen support capabilities in starting a life sciences company. An important instrument is the Knowledge Conversion Fund. The fund will invest in young high-tech companies, possibly supported by debt, but mainly with share capital. More information:

More information and mediation

University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)

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Business Generator Groningen Foundation is responsible for helping scientists in Life Sciences and Biotech account business, as in the process of patent application and commercial exploitation of inventions