Facts & Figures

From the business activity in the city of Groningen to the chemicals cluster in Delfzijl, in Groningen you can do good business!


  • The province of Groningen is the energy region of the Netherlands Energy Valley and Energy Park Eemshaven
  • The University of Groningen Groningen is a student city.
  • The region Eemsdelta is one of the five key economic zones. In these core areas are large-scale industrial parks that are perfectly equipped and accessible. Nationally and internationally oriented companies are based here or settle here glad. In the core zones Eemsdelta the ports of Delfzijl, Eemshaven established their port-related activities. Thanks to the Eemshaven and the port of Delfzijl Groningen province was in 2010 and 2011 in the top 3 of the best performing economic regions Netherlands.
  • Delfzijl chemistry prime location with a focus on chlorine chemistry and specialties.
  • Industrial and office premises of good quality and in excellent locations.
  • The region has intermodal transport hubs and distribution centers.

The Noordelijke Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (NOM)

The NOM wants as an independent company to develop employment in the Northern Netherlands by promoting sustainable profitable economic activities. The economic activities in which they are targeting are region-transcending and have, preferably, an innovative character. Anyone with plans, ambitions and ideas for the northern Dutch economy is welcome at the NOM. What can the NOM: put you in touch with partners, customers and suppliers can provide appropriate financing or shareholder in your company, you point out grant opportunities, help with finding a suitable location and provide you with advice and assistance staan.

Startup Groningen

Groningen is doing quite well in the Dutch startup scene. The city has the largest number of successful startups after Amsterdam.