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Improved Tourist image of Groningen

The tourist image of Groningen in the last seven years has significantly improved. An image survey conducted recently commissioned by the Province of Groningen shows that Groningen is increasingly seen as an interesting holiday destination.

Especially with Dutch people who have not visited the province, the picture has changed. The average score for Groningen in 2011 increased them by 0.6 point to 6.2 compared to 2004. The appreciation from people who have already visited the province remains high. As in 2004, scores of Groningen in this group 7.8.

In 2004, shortly after the founding of Marketing Groningen, the Province of Groningen has had run the first image survey. The main conclusion from this study was that there was a big difference between the experiences of Dutch visitors to Groningen and the expectation under which the Dutch Groningen had not visited before. The results of the new image research shows that the appreciation for and knowledge of Groningen greatly improved over the past seven years, especially among non-visitors to Groningen. This result parallels the strategic marketing approach and the intensification of Groningen carried out by Marketing Nothing beats Groningen campaigns. It has already been shown that by these factors, the orientation in Groningen the last few years has increased.