Innovation in Groningen

Innovation in Groningen


The province of Groningen wants a stronger economy and to be known as an innovative region. She does that, amongst other things, with the Innovative Action Programme Groningen, a grant program for companies and research institutions in Groningen. The program is funded with European money and money from the government and the province.

With this program, the development and marketing of new ideas and products in the Groninger stimulated. Business sectors with opportunities for innovation include energy, chemistry and biotechnology. This requires very specific knowledge. With research institutions like the University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen and Hanze University Groningen is certainly at home.

But even without subsidy are innovative products and processes developed in the city and province of Groningen. Some examples:

PowerMatching City, the first smart grid community in the world

PowerMatching City is located in the Groningen Hoogkerk. It belongs to the hundred most sustainable projects in the world. PowerMatching City is included in the Sustainia100, the list of the most innovative projects for a sustainable society. Groningen project plays an important role in the global development of smart grids and the transition to a sustainable energy system. The project has demonstrated that it is possible to create an intelligent energy network with corresponding market model, using existing technologies. With this system consumers can exchange electricity while keeping the comfort level at the same level.

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Brain Wierde Weiwerd, a unique business park.

The ancient mound village Weiwerd developed a unique business park where small and knowledge-intensive (service) companies can establish themselves. On the mound of approximately seven acres of the old structures of the mound, the Groningen word for mound, clearly visible. It is a unique location for companies and entrepreneurs who have a bond with the surrounding industry and who are aware of the impact of its own corporate identity. Twenty unique plots and four existing buildings, each with its own history and identity.

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