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Out of the 100,000 reasons to visit Groningen we have seven highlighted for you. Have fun with the "G7".

Groningen, Netherlands with Best Downtown

Cycling City 2002 Safest City in 2004, almost the best market and Best City in 2006! The city of Groningen is the heart of the province. You'll find no less than 160 bars and restaurants, 15 cinemas, 7 theaters, a casino and a music center. Groningen also has a cozy and full of shops. The center of Groningen is full of historic buildings and striking architecture. As the famous Groninger Museum, which attracted over 200,000 visitors in 2015.

Lauwersmeer, the National Park of wild orchids

In 1969, the Lauwers was closed, born lauwersmeer. Nature has transformed this area into what it is today: the Lauwersmeer National Park. The area was recently voted the third most beautiful place in the Netherlands! Lauwersoog is the departure point for the boat to Schiermonnikoog.

Pieterburen, seals capital of the world

Known primarily as seals village through the SRRC Lenie 't Hart. But starting from the Pieter or by foot.

Bourtange, the nation's best reconstructed fortress

A former glory restored fortress in east Groningen. Never conquered and located in a region where history predominates.

Borgen, the proud castles of the Groninger gentry

Once refuge in hard times, later Luxury homes for the wealthy. Today imaginative sights.

Groninger churches and organs paradise

Characteristic elements of the Groningen Land with their austere architecture, modest interiors and famous organs. Often you can get the key from the neighbors and so inside.

Wierden, our eldest response to rising sea levels

Ancient artificial hills. For a thousand years they were protecting the inhabitants of the Groningen clay against the rising waters.

Furthermore, the province of Groningen is the largest and the most beautiful scenery imaginable airing in a characteristic landscape. But there is a large variation in the landscape. As the Oldambt with its infinite horizon and the peat with its straight canals and channels.

Or Westerwolde with its forests, ash and private landscapes. Or the scenic landscape of the Westerkwartier. Open and closed areas alternate and there are a lot of winding roads and rivers through. Then there is the dike landscape. Here and there you see mounds. Here, far, far views... and water... water... water...

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