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Fine and affordable living in Groningen

Groningen has everything. Whether you want to live right in the middle of the bustling city centre or prefer the peace and quiet. Studio or farmhouse. Whatever you are looking for, Groningen is a great place to live. And what's even better: prices are not sky-high here; in general, houses are quite affordable. Do you already know in which neighbourhood or village you want to settle?

Urban neighbourhoods

Groningen is a compact city. Wherever you live, you can be in the city centre in no time and if you like you can bike everywhere you need. The city has many different characters. Every neighbourhood has its own identity. For instance, many of the neighbourhoods near the city centre are quite old; the Korreweg neighbourhood and the Zeehelden neighbourhood predate the war. A little further on, newer neighbourhoods can be found, such as the Hunze and Van Starkenborgh on the other side of the Van Starkenborghkanaal. Each neighbourhood is unique, so there will always be one to suit you.

Cosy villages

Enjoying all the advantages of the city but also the atmosphere of a village? There are lots of cosy villages around the city. And the advantage: you can still be at the Grote Markt in no time. Among the greenery south of the city you will find Haren, for instance, where you only have to drive down the road Hereweg. In the northeast, Meerstad has been built in recent years, where you can enjoy living on the water. And there is much more, even further into the province. Not for nothing Groningen is home to the most beautiful village in the Netherlands.

The most beautiful places in Groningen

Besides being a great place to live, Groningen is also home to the best adventures. A vibrant city full of energy lies beneath the Martini Tower. A city of students and city dwellers. Parks full of flowers, nights that never seem to end and the coolest festivals. Groningen has it all. The healthiest city in the Netherlands is a good place to be.

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Groningen is the sixth largest city in the Netherlands.

Groningen is the youngest city in the Netherlands, more than 50% of its residents are under 35 years old.

Groningen has 67,000 university students and university of applied sciences students which is more than a quarter of all inhabitants.

Groningen has the cleanest air in the Netherlands.

Groningen is one of the smartest cities in the Netherlands. 52% of its inhabitants are highly educated.

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  • Boost your impact

    The world of tomorrow starts today, in Groningen. The Groningen ecosystem is committed to positive growth. Together, we are building a green, healthy and digital future with a human dimension. By working together, we contribute to tomorrow’s world.
  • Boost your career

    Start-ups, scale-ups and large international organisations. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it in Groningen. There are plenty of career opportunities for your talents here.
  • Boost your environment

    Groningen. City and province. This is where you will experience the best adventures. Around the Martini Tower lies a vibrant city full of energy. The healthiest city in the Netherlands is a great place to be.

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