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The healthiest city in the Netherlands: Groningen

In Groningen, the health economy is growing faster than the national average. Thanks to the combined strengths of the business community, top institutes and knowledge institutes, here we are making the shift from cure to healthy ageing. Thinkers and doers are working together on pioneering healthcare innovations. From 3D printed implants to the use of AI for advice on lifestyle. In Groningen, the future has already started. Will you join us?

In Groningen, the future has already started

From soluble brain patches to bringing drugs to market faster. In Groningen, there are plenty of opportunities for pioneers, trailblazers and go-getters who want to make an impact on tomorrow's world. Together with companies, from start-ups to multinationals, and knowledge institutions, we come up with innovative ideas that contribute to a healthy, green and digital future on a human scale.

Thinkers and doers

Groningers are pioneers, trailblazers and go-getters. Direct communication and resolute action. The many successful start-ups show what favourable dynamics are created when all factors in the region contribute to positive growth. Collaborations, scale-ups and (inter)national players also need space and talent. And they find them in Groningen.

EV Biotech

EV Biotech zorgt voor micro-organismen die effectief hoogwaardige moleculen kunnen produceren op een biologische manier, die worden ingezet op industriële schaal. EV Biotech heeft hiervoor een productieplatform gecreëerd waarbij ze gebruik maken van computer modellen en micro-organismen.

Life Cooperative

Dankzij Life Cooperative zijn de lijntjes kort en de mogelijkheden eindeloos. Ze maken het verschil door regionale overheden, instellingen en beleidsmakers richting te geven. De coöperatie zorgt voor samenwerkingen die gezamenlijk uitdagingen aan gaan.


The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands and is the largest employer in the Northern Netherlands. Its more than 12,000 employees work together on care, research, training and education with the common goal: building the future of health.


The Netherlands' largest biobank of health data. Within this project no less than 165,000 inhabitants of the Netherlands are collecting data. Lifelines collects and manages data. And shares it with researchers and policy makers. More than 500 scientific publications have already appeared based on Lifelines data. Curious about vacancies? Click here


In December 2022, Groningen-based company Enatom received an investment of €400,000 from G-force Capital and Triade investment. This investment will help Enatom take a step towards market launch. Enatom is the anatomy atlas of the future in an app.

Campus Groningen

Campus Groningen is the hub of innovation en knowledge. More than 70,000 people work together every day to contribute to the social challenges of Healthy Ageing, Sustainable Society and Energy. Want to know more? Click here.

Working towards tomorrow’s world

Groningen has traditionally been a place of practical pioneers. Here you will find progressive companies, the fastest-growing campus in the Netherlands and renowned knowledge and research institutes. Add to this the excellent geographical and digital connections and you can rightly speak of a multidisciplinary ecosystem for the future.

Innovations and projects

She went before you

Anne Hensen (27), Research Associate Bioprocess Modelling at EV Biotech, returned to Groningen to contribute to the world of tomorrow. Her research contributes to a sustainable and healthy world.

"I have a lot of responsibilities, I get to discover things and set them up. I can really make a difference in the process"


Boost your future

Groningen is the place for positive growth. Not only on a social level, but also on a personal level. The healthiest city in the Netherlands is a great place to live. Moreover, there is plenty to do thanks to the vibrant city centre, a great cultural offering and the beautiful nature around the corner.

  • Boost your career

    Start-ups, scale-ups and large international organisations. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it in Groningen. There are plenty of career opportunities for your talents here.
  • Boost your environment

    Groningen. City and province. This is where you will experience the best adventures. Around the Martini Tower lies a vibrant city full of energy. The healthiest city in the Netherlands is a great place to be.
  • Boost your impact

    The world of tomorrow starts today, in Groningen. The Groningen ecosystem is committed to positive growth. Together, we are building a green, healthy and digital future with a human dimension. By working together, we contribute to tomorrow’s world.
  • Boost your Square meters

    Groningen has everything. Whether you want to live right in the middle of the bustling city centre or prefer the peace and quiet. Studio or farmhouse. Whatever you are looking for, Groningen is a great place to live.

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