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Powerhouse for the new European hydrogen economy

Groningen is a frontrunner in the development of renewable energy. And when it comes to green hydrogen, Groningen even leads in Europe.

From fossil fuel to sustainable energy

Groningen was the first European region to be designated “Hydrogen Valley” – which brings with it some excellent first-mover advantages. A boost for technological expertise. A stimulus for international collaboration. An inspiration for innovative entrepreneurship and talent.

With 400 years of experience as an energy region, Groningen has the expertise, infrastructure and professionals needed to create a completely new and sustainable energy system: an integrated hydrogen network.

Big projects

We are building Europe’s largest wind-togreen-hydrogen project. Electrolyzers are being developed in open test centers for the large-scale production of affordable green hydrogen. We are also converting the existing gas pipeline network into a backbone for the distribution of green hydrogen to heavy industry. And that’s just the beginning.

Leading projects and companies

  • Gasunie

    Gasunie manages and maintains the large-scale transport and storage of gas in the Netherlands and Germany. Now this is mainly natural gas, but with a view to the energy transition this will increasingly shift to green gas and hydrogen.
  • Holthausen

    Holthausen has partnered with American company Hyzon to build a plant where hydrogen trucks are made. In addition, Holthausen has opened a public and green hydrogen fueling station in partnership with Century Auto Group. How clean do you want it. It is the place to develop in the field of hydrogen.
  • New Energy Coalition

    The New Energy Coalition focuses on the urgent and global issue of energy. The coalition is a continuously growing network of knowledge institutions, businesses, governments and NGOs working together to accelerate the energy transition for a sustainable future.

Boost your Future

Our tomorrow’s world starts today. In Groningen. We’re looking for talents, entrepreneurs, partners and investors who share the Groningen spirit. Pioneering, groundbreaking go-getters who want to collaborate with the many organizations in the Groningen ecosystem. To work on growth. And build a green, healthy and digital future – with a human touch.

More information

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  • GRO The future

    Groningen is the place to grow and work on your future. Here, we work closely together on the transition themes of digital, food, health and energy.
  • GRO Digital

    Thanks to its rich digital sector, Groningen is the place for growth and transformation. Here, start-ups, scale-ups and established big players work together with knowledge institutions on global issues.
  • GRO Health

    The healthiest city in the Netherlands, the life science sector is growing faster than the national average. This is due to the combined strengths of companies, leading institutions and schools.
  • GRO Food

    The climate crisis, problems with soil quality and the deterioration of biodiversity call for sustainable solutions. Food innovation is being experimented on all fronts; from nature inclusive farming to disease control. New crops such as hemp are bringing new opportunities.

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