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Engine for the new hydrogen economy


Groningen is at the forefront of renewable energy development. In the field of green hydrogen, Groningen is even the leader in Europe. Groningen was the first European region to be labelled Hydrogen Valley. Here smart pioneers are working together to create the engine for the new hydrogen economy. From a hydrogen network for European distribution to buses running on hydrogen. In Groningen, the future has already started. Will you join us?

In Groningen, the future has already begun

The Hydrogen Valley label provides excellent first-mover advantages; a boost for technological knowledge, international collaborations, innovative business and talent. With 400-year experience as an energy region, Groningen has all the necessary knowledge, infrastructure and professionals to achieve a completely new and sustainable energy system.


Groningers are practical pioneers, trailblazers and go-getters. Direct communication and resolute actions. The various successful start-ups in the area show what favourable dynamics are created when all factors in the region contribute to positive growth. But collaborations, scale-ups and (inter)national players need space and talent. Something they can easily find in Groningen.


A first for EM2 in Groningen: it is the first pop venue in the Netherlands, and even in Europe, to be self-sufficient in power generation -and storage.

Groene Waterstof Booster

The Groene Waterstof Booster (Green Hydrogen Booster) is a partnership between several regional parties, such as GasTerra, NAM, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and Stork. By offering work packages, they help entrepreneurs in the north realise new ideas with hydrogen.

Next Generation Shipyards

Next Generation Shipyards focuses on making working vessels up to thirty metres more sustainable. They are active in researching and applying techniques that lead to the switch from fossil fuel to hydrogen.

Oosterhof Holman

Royal Oosterhof Holman is a true family business that has been working on the infrastructure of the Netherlands and beyond for more than 100 years. Their ambition? To create a better living environment. For now and for the future.


"Maintaining a better world" is Stork's goal. They are a leading supplier for the safe and sustainable continued operation of plant installations in factories.


North-C has opened Europe's first data center in Groningen with an emergency power generator with fuel cells based on green hydrogen. North-C aims to be completely carbon neutral by 20230.

Working on tomorrow’s world

We are realizing the largest wind-to-green hydrogen projects in Europe. We do so by developing electrolysers for large-scale production of affordable green hydrogen in open test centres and converting the existing gas pipeline network for green hydrogen distribution. And that’s just the beginning. Groningen is the engine for Europe's hydrogen economy.

Being part of the energy transition

As a child already, Frank Wilschut (43) was fascinated by nature. Especially those aspects related to climate change. Therefore, today he works in the field of energy transition. Since there is still a lot more we can do for a more sustainable present and future, we have to make it possible. ''In Groningen, we are working on a new world.''

The Daily Future: Hydrogen

Groningen is the beating heart of the future. The Daily Future keeps you informed about all developments in the city and province. For a smarter, greener and future-proof world, Groningen is the place to be. But who are the pioneers who make this possible, what groundbreaking results can be seen and which organisations can benefit from this.


Boost your future

Groningen is the place for positive growth. Not only on a social level, but also on a personal one. The healthiest city in the Netherlands is a great place to live. There is plenty to experience. A vibrant city centre, a great cultural offer and beautiful nature all around.

  • Boost your career

    Start-ups, scale-ups and large international organisations. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it in Groningen. There are plenty of career opportunities for your talents here.
  • Boost your environment

    Groningen. City and province. This is where you will experience the best adventures. Around the Martini Tower lies a vibrant city full of energy. The healthiest city in the Netherlands is a great place to be.
  • Boost your impact

    The world of tomorrow starts today, in Groningen. The Groningen ecosystem is committed to positive growth. Together, we are building a green, healthy and digital future with a human dimension. By working together, we contribute to tomorrow’s world.
  • Boost your Square meters

    Groningen has everything. Whether you want to live right in the middle of the bustling city centre or prefer the peace and quiet. Studio or farmhouse. Whatever you are looking for, Groningen is a great place to live.

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