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Health & Digital

Health & Digital

In Groningen, the healthiest city in the Netherlands, the health economy is growing faster than the national average. Here, knowledge institutions, companies, startups and multinationals are continuously working on a variety of healthcare innovations. Digitalisation plays a major role in our goal of keeping people healthier for longer.

Personal implants courtesy of Artificial Intelligence and 4D printing


Using Artifcial Intelligence to develop a custom-made artificial hip, leg or knee and then have it roll out of the 3D printer? It sounds futuristic. However, in Groningen, it is a reality. Just as every person is different, every injury and bone fracture is also different. Standard implants are therefore usually not suitable. The result: long surgery and recovery time with increased risk of infection, inaccuracy, material failure and reduced functional recovery of the patient. Thanks to the Personal Implants project, the UMCG can now make its own implants, fully tailored to the patient. The benefits are huge. Shorter treatment time, fewer operations, less burden on the healthcare system, substantial cost savings and, most importantly, faster and better patient recovery.

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Using Artificial Intelligence as a tool to detect abnormalities in premature babies

NeoLifeS and UMCG

Premature babies are more at risk of growth, movement and developmental problems. Therefore, these babies need special care. The University Medical Centre Groningen is working with NeoLifeS on a solution to detect possible movement abnormalities at an early stage. The specialists make analyses using video footage recorded at home. Using Artificial Intelligence, the NeolifeS team can determine whether the baby might suffer from a spastic movement disorder in the future. By detecting this abnormality early, the UMCG minimises the consequences later in life. In this way, the UMCG and NeoLifeS help the baby towards a bright and healthy future.

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Digital health plans and personalized coaching

Ancora Health

Healthy ageing with the help of a personal health programme? Digital health startup Ancora helps people take control of their health. The web application shows the state of clients' personal health by collecting and analysing extensive health data. Based on these insights and knowledge from scientific studies, they advise clients on how to adjust their lifestyle for more healthy years. Then, together with clients, the experts monitor how health changes over time.

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