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Data scientist

''Data does not lie, it is rational and objective."

Searching for challenges is what Jeroen (29) does in Groningen. After some wanderings, he has found his niche in the North. As a data scientist, he deals with complex issues. He praises Groningen's living and working climate. ''Here there is room for growth and here I find my peace.''

His cradle is in Enschede. Where people are down-to-earth. ''In that respect, Tukkers and Groningers are similar. Not too much fuss, just do it'', Jeroen smiles. In the years that followed, Jeroen pursued his passion. He has lived in many places. He studied in Groningen and Tilburg. Working in Rotterdam and Utrecht, among other places.

Data is what drives Jeroen. As a data scientist at Voys, he is busy solving complex issues on a daily basis. ''I need a strong challenge,'' he says. He finds that in the digital sector. According to him, it all has to make sense. ''Data does not lie, it is rational and objective. At the same time, I can back up certain ideas and feelings with numbers.''

''Here we are less competitors to each other, we have the same goal in mind.''

Supposedly he worked in the Randstad for a while, but he was looking for something new. A place to build something. This new direction sent him north. According to him, the mindset that everything happens in the West is not quite right. ''There is plenty of room for talent here. Even if the field of work is a bit smaller, it does create stronger networks,'' he explains. He also sees opportunities for the northern sector. ''From the university in Groningen comes enough talent, it doesn't need to leave here. If we can keep the talent here and even attract it here, Groningen can flourish further.'' He underlines the strength of the North. A location for those who want to make a career. A place for entrepreneurship. ''Here, for example, companies like BelSimpel, and Voys are emerging. All of them organisations that have won their place in the market. If Groningen wants to grow further, we need to focus on these kinds of companies.''

An introvert, Jeroen also likes the quiet. He is a fan of the bustling city centre, but even more of the tranquillity that the province offers. Cycling is something he enjoys doing. ''In the West, I was on the road for half an hour before I encountered nature. Wherever you are, in Groningen you only need ten minutes to find peace and quiet,'' he says. He is also a fan of the residents' mentality. Examples abound. ''In my village, for instance, I still have a chat with the postman. And we cyclists say 'hi' to each other. I did miss that amicale.''

More collective, less individual. That stands for working and living in Groningen. Jeroen agrees. ''Here we are less competitors of each other, we have the same goal in mind.'' But achieving that goal requires more talent. Groningen offers the space for that. ''The realisation has to come that it's not always cool to make a career in the Randstad. If we do it together, we can build the future of Groningen.''

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