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Tjarda Polderman

Project manager and freelance marketer in the digital sector

''You won't find Groningen's mindset anywhere else.''

Building tomorrow's future together, is the motto of Tjarda Polderman (30). As a project manager and freelance marketer in the digital sector, she experiences daily how pleasant the working climate in Groningen is. Down-to-earth thinking and perseverance. There is great talent here, the networks are strong and the communication is direct. Even though she is not from here, this is her home. ''You won't find Groningen's mindset anywhere else.''

Tjarda grew up in both the West and the East of the country. A tweet brought her to Groningen. The eternal student city that people leave when they graduate, she thought. Nothing could be further from the truth. ''My vision changed completely. This is just the place to make a career. Here you can start, but also grow and stay,'' she says enthusiastically. She started in Groningen at Peperzaken, a software company. It was of course a bit exciting. ''I looked at my colleague's screen and didn't know what he was typing,'' she laughs. ''But still I got the chance to prove myself, to develop further. You have those opportunities here in the North.''

She then also applauds the working climate in Groningen. It goes hand in hand with a unique mindset. Different from the Randstad, she thinks. Better. Thinking small and big at the same time. ''If you have an idea here, you can go to many people. People think more in terms of possibilities than obstacles,'' she says. She experienced this when she got involved in the world of start-ups. At Founded in Groningen, she found her niche. An organisation dedicated to start-ups. From idea to realisation, with many success stories. ''From these connections I get such a boost. We literally build the future of tomorrow together. That's just possible in Groningen.''

''The combination of a bustling city centre and a peaceful surrounding area is unique, you won't find it anywhere else.''

The fact that Founded in Groningen is able to contribute to the success of the Groningen ecosystem, is typical for the working climate in Groningen. ''It doesn't matter if you fall down once, what matters is how you get up. Here, your network always catches you up again. Just try it,'' Tjarda explains. Learning from each other, knowing what works. ''I have noticed that in the Randstad, people think more from hierarchy and ego. That is different here: in Groningen, we stand side by side to shape the future.''

Besides enjoying her work, Tjarda thinks Groningen is a good place to be. A place that energises her and where she can unload at the same time. ''The combination of a bustling city centre and a peaceful countryside is unique, you won't find it anywhere else.'' So she visits festivals like Eurosonic Noorderslag and Noorderzon. And she can be found in the futuristic Forum. She also enjoys strolling through the many cosy streets. She finds her relaxation in the province. Get on your bike, leave the city behind you for a while and within fifteen minutes you are face to face with a cow in the meadow. If you go a little further, you are on the dike looking out over the Wadden Sea. A view that never gets boring.''

Groningen is her home. Where she feels good. Where she can grow further, professionally and socially. ''The people make the difference. They are not so rushed, but bursting with ambition. Add to that the direct communication and you have a strong working climate that has no equal.'' Combined with the peace and quiet, Groningen is the place to be. Enthusiastic? Feel free to drop by. ''Come and experience it. Call me and I will take you along. Then you will see what is possible here.''

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